HOM 010: Ulver – The Assassination of Julius Caesar

31 AUGUST 1997 was one of the hottest nights in Paris that year. Just after midnight a black Mercedes Benz rushes through the dark streets with a horde of ravenous paparazzi on tow. In the Pont de l’…

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HOM 009: Zu – Jhator

Stubbornly free from genre classification, Italian trio Zu have been proud to follow their own musical pathways for some twenty years now. Throughout their highly diverse career the band has cultivat…

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HOM 008: Teleplasmiste – Frequency is the new Ecstasy

The union of two creative forces with notable experience in the esoteric, Teleplamiste have emerged with a debut album of magical intensity and ecstatic fortitude. Frequency is the New Ecstasy conjur…

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HOM 007: Ulver - Riverhead


The North Shore is a particular coastline on the island of Newfoundland that has been in various stages of settlement since the 1500s – it is said to be one of the oldest North American sett…

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HOM 006: Hypnopazūzu - Create Christ, Sailor Boy

A transformative union of two idiosyncratic tellers, Hypnopazūzu sees Current 93 speller David Tibet joining forces with the eternal Youth, famed not only for his work as bassist with Killing Joke bu…

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HOM 005: The Stargazer’s Assistant – Remoteness of Light

Dive a kilometre into the ocean and you leave all surface illumination behind.

Descend another ten and luminous forms flicker and burst through the endless black.
Lures and decoys in their millions –…

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HOM 004: Stian Westerhus – Amputation

“To know what you have, and to give all of it up – even if you know that it’s going to keep haunting you for the rest of your life. Phantom pain. Diagnosing what is the best of two evils – is what th…

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HOM 003: Laniakea – A Pot of Powdered Nettles

Tower Gardens Road was an island surrounded by privet hedge and a rich wilderness out the back, around which the grime and grot of North London flowed, never penetrating. This fortress against the mo…

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In Newton’s basic laws of motion – those which lie at the heart of modern physics – the paradox stands that constant velocity is essentially as natural as being at rest. True to form, in the now twen…

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HOM 001: KKKMO - Are You Land or Water

The Barbarossa Cave is located in the Kyffhäuser region of Germany, and takes its name from a local legend. According to such lore, Frederick Barbarossa – former German monarch and Roman Emperor of t…

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