House Of Mythology Newsletter (16/04/2016)

Dear friends of house,

thank you for being you... You

We are who we are, and on a roll. So without further ado, please let us tell you about our two imminent releases:

HOM 005: The Stargazer's Assistant – Remoteness of Light

David J Smith's The Stargazer's Assistant continue their exploration of worlds beyond earthly light with this new four-track* , Full-length album. Remoteness of Light reveals an expanded line-up for the group, featuring David J Smith (Guapo, Cyclobe), percussion and sampled atmospheres, David Knight (Shock Headed Peters, UnicaZürn), treated guitars and FX and Michael J York (Coil, Cyclobe), pipes, FX and field recordings. As with previous releases by Stargazer's Remoteness of Light eschews and subverts genre identification, instead drawing the listener into an unfamiliar, richly atmospheric, and elemental sound world populated by bursts of freeform percussion, spectral melodies and seething, haunted airs.

* Track 4,  "Birth of Decay" is a live recording only available on the double vinyl edition, or as a download for people ordering directly from the House of Mythology website.

HOM 006: Hypnopazūzu – Create Christ, Sailor Boy

Hypnopazūzu is the duo of none other than the legendary gentlemen Youth (Killing Joke and 1008 other worlds) and David Tibet (Current 93 and 93 other worlds). They both first skipped together on Current 93's debut album Nature Unveiled in 1983. Create Christ, Sailor Boy is their new album, and their first as Hypnopazūzu. 93 years in the making, this elaborately-packaged 3-sided LP (it will have a laser etching on Side 4) contains ten songs and brings together spheres and planets for the Ultimate Hallucinatory PickNick.

This album will come with two different front covers – one by David Tibet, the other by Youth. We will make a bundle option for both, for ye die-hards.

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Waiting to know your judgment, we are, very truly yours,

House of Mythology

on July 13th, 2016